Can you prove that you own your land?

Can you prove that you own your land?

It may seem like a startling question: but how can you prove that you own your land? Bear in mind that under current legislation no sale, mortgage or other disposition of land can happen unless you can prove good title. Nowadays this is done by reference to the Land Registry, which keeps a record of title deeds and land ownership electronically. This is by far the easiest and most efficient way of proving land ownership.

But what if you just have title deeds? Is that not proof enough that you own your land?

Title deeds do prove ownership, but remember that they are very easily lost, damaged, incomplete or even destroyed. If that happens, it can be very expensive and time-consuming to replace them. And if someone dies and their executors cannot prove ownership of the land for them, it takes even longer and can draw out the already difficult administration process for their loved ones considerably.

Getting your land registered is a sensible way of proving good title for years to come, rather than leaving everything until it is too late. “First registration” of the land, while still alive, is cheaper and less demanding than proving good title after death. We see many estates here at SWW Trust Corporation which suffer significant delays and costs simply because the testator did not protect their ownership rights fully through registering their good title in lifetime.

Contact us about having your property registered: we offer a swift and friendly service for something which, though seemingly dull and easy to ignore, is of incredible importance to families. It is not just about protecting the economic value of your house: it is about protecting the happy family memories of your home.


James Greenwood-Reeves

Estate Case Manager

SWW Trust Corporation

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