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If you still don’t have a funeral plan, consider these 5 problems you will be facing

A staggering number of people still do not have funeral plans in place. As unappealing as the subject can sometimes be, your funeral is always going to be one thing you will never be able, sooner or later, to avoid paying. So why do people avoid the subject?

Partially it is because it is considered “morbid” or “ghoulish” to dwell on these matters, particularly while we are young and healthy. But that is precisely the best time to start considering options. Another reason is because, quite frankly, in everyday life people do not consciously consider their funeral to be “something that needs dealing with.”

We are none of us immortal, of course, and at some stage the funeral is going to have to be planned and paid for. This can either be done by our relatives, at one of the most distressing and difficult times of their lives and with little guidance as to our truest funeral wishes; or it can be done now, affordably and with the utmost certainty that everything will go as we hope for.

Common problems we see in dealing with estates where there is no funeral plan include:

  • It can’t be afforded. Lack of liquid assets in the estate can make even simple, minimalist funeral arrangements unaffordable.
  • There are delays. It can take weeks or even months for relatives to discuss and decide on suitable arrangements. During this time the deceased remains in the chapel of rest, or worse still, a mortuary.
  • Whether it’s because they do not know the deceased’s true wishes, or because they cannot agree on their own ideas and notions, frequently unplanned funerals can lead to feuds over everything from the religious features of the service down to the floral tributes.
  • The Funeral Directors chase relatives for money. If the bill isn’t settled promptly charges and interest might apply. If the deceased has little cash, this can be very distressing for loved ones.
  • Uncertainty. Unless a full plan is in place, our relatives may never truly know how we want our final commemoration to go. Also, some funeral directors may be unable to undertake our precise wishes, and not knowing in advance what is possible can scupper the entire event.

All these difficulties are alleviated by a little forward planning, and without breaking the bank. Funeral plans can be arranged in small monthly instalments or lump sums, depending on what suits you.

Do feel free to speak to us if you think that getting a plan in place will give you that little more peace of mind.

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