What could be worse than losing a World Cup Semi-Final?

England went out in dramatic fashion last night. The whole country was gripped watching Gareth Southgate’s young England team seek out a first World Cup final since we won it 52 years ago in 1966. Unfortunately, the adventure has come to an end. Millions of people felt devastated as Mario Mandžukić scored in extra time to end the dream of football coming home in 2018. There were scenes all around the country of people with their heads in the hands while some cried and others sat on their own reflecting on what could have been.

In life there are situations that far exceed the emotions felt when losing football and that is losing a loved one. To lose someone close to you is one of, if not the worst, feelings any person can endure. In times of grieving, emotions are high and no one, no matter what, can be fully prepared to face this heart-breaking ordeal.

What follows death can be a complex maze of legal and administrative processes, such as dealing with property, financial institutions and tax affairs whilst simultaneously taking into consideration the wishes of the deceased. All of this can be incredibly overwhelming and can seem to be impossible to handle with in a time of distress. This is something that people should not have to go through alone.

By instructing the SWW Trust Corporation you can have peace of mind knowing that you have an expert to guide you through each step of the process and ease the burden that comes with being an Executor, which is a position of great responsibility for anyone faced with this unfortunate task.

The SWW Trust Corporation work professionally and with compassion. We understand that no estate is the same and that behind all the work and legalities there are grieving families and friends. As a regulated, insured and audited company we ensure that everyone we work with has peace of mind when it comes to the final wishes of the deceased.

For more information on how we can help you call 01522 581570 or visit our website www.swwtrust.co.uk

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