Probate is the process to establish ownership of an estate before the tax is paid and the assets distributed. The responsibility for probate lies with the executors of a will who often appoint a professional firm, such as SWW Trust Corporation, to take on the responsibility. Probate is still required where there is no will although the process is known as Administration.

The executors have a number of responsibilities, including:

• Interpreting the will and ensuring that the wishes of the deceased as expressed in the will  are carried out

• Identifying all the assets and liabilities of the estate

• Obtaining valuations of the joint and sole assets as at the time of death

• Ensuring that the estate of the deceased is handled efficiently and that the funds and assets in the estate including businesses, are properly managed

• Preparing tax returns for the deceased for Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax

• Settling all the debts of the estate including all taxes

• Completing and filing the relevant court forms

• Applying for Probate

• Preparing accounts for the beneficiaries and after payment of all claims, distributing the estate

SWW Trust Corporation can handle all of these responsibilities and can support you with Probate, whether or not we are named in the will as an executor and even where there is no will.