It is important to know what the benefits of working with the SWW Trust Corporation are.  There are significant benefits of choosing to work with us as you will see in this article.

We can help with the creation of the trust and liaise with the settlor to ensure that appropriate powers and duties are given to the Trustees, and register the trust with Inland Revenue & Customs Forms. We can help with the ongoing administration of trusts, including preparing annual accounts and completing the yearly tax return as well as the 10-year anniversary return. We can also put you in touch with independent financial advisors with experience of advising on trust investments.

We can advise Trustee on their powers and duties under the trust instrument or under statute. We can act as Professional Trustees and relieve you of the risk the role entails, and we can help bring trusts to an end when required because our business is built exclusively on providing Trustee and Executor services, you’ll get the very best service and advice available. Unlike solicitors or banks, we are specialists not generalists. Because this is all we do you can be assured you are receiving the highest level of service available.

Executorship in particular can involve a great deal of time, effort, stress and even financial costs. All of which can be overwhelming for an individual. You can place your trust and confidence in the SWW Trust Corporation. From the very first phone call our advisors are specially trained to be professional but empathetic with your circumstances. You will be allocated a personal estate manager who will work closely with you and your family throughout the process who will ensure you receive the service that suits you.

As a corporation, we will always be on hand to offer our services as an Executor or maintain the integrity of a Trust throughout its lifetime. No private individual can offer the same perpetual service. Choosing a close friend or family member as an Executor or Trustee runs the risk of subjectivity and opinion creeping in. By appointing an impartial body like The SWW Trust Corporation you can avoid any possible conflict of interests.

For all of this and peace of mind the SWW Trust Corporation can make your life easier while taking care of all the legalities in which we specialise with compassion and professionalism.

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