Why your IFA should speak to us

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Why your IFA should speak to us.

If you have an independent financial adviser (IFA) to help with your investments and wealth planning, they may also be able to help with legacy planning for your family and for future generations. A significant part of this involves Wills and trusts planning.

It is possible that your IFA is a Will writer or provides these services. If so, they should be able to discuss with you your options for trusts and wealth management further down the line.

One important question to consider, though: who is going to administer to your estate, prove your Will, and look after these trusts?

It is important to talk to your IFA about trusteeship and executorship options, including appointing a suitable professional for the purpose. You and your adviser should have confidence that your careful legacy planning is not wasted by choosing an inappropriate trustee or executor.

We provide specialist executorship and trusteeship services, covering everything from accounting for estate assets, paying the tax, proving the Will and paying out legacies, to setting up and managing the trusts you need in your Will. We can work closely with your IFA to ensure that your wealth strategy is carried out to the letter.

This includes ensuring that trust monies are used as you would wish: we follow letters of wishes very carefully, ensuring that the outcome you truly want from your Will can be fully realised.

We are safer than instructing an individual executor or trustee, whether they be a lay person or a sole professional. Our company status and insurance provides long-term protection. We are also less expensive than law firms, and more specialised in these precise fields.

Speak to your IFA at your next appointment about your Wills, trusts and legacy options. You will find that the SWW Trust Corporation can help you and your financial adviser make a long-term plan that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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