Probate Services

We are here to guide you through the legal formalities

The death of a loved one is undoubtedly a difficult and stressful time, particularly when you are also faced with the task of undertaking probate and administering their estate.

SWW Trust Corporation can take on the responsibilities and pressures of probate and are here to support you throughout the process.

We can offer a wide range of services designed to suit your individual circumstances.

We can also assist where we are not appointed as an Executor in the will and even where there is no will at all.

As part of our probate service, we will:

  • Value all assets and liabilities
  • Complete all tax forms and settle any inheritance, income or capital gains tax
  • Draft and submit the Grant application to the Court
  • Collect in all assets held
  • Handle the sale of any properties
  • Produce estate accounts
  • Distribute the estate in accordance with the deceased’s last wishes
  • Create and manage any trusts in the will

If you only require a Grant of Probate for the purpose of selling/transferring a property or closing a small bank account*, we can obtain the Grant of Probate on your behalf which will enable you to finalise any potential sale/transfer. We can provide a fixed fee for this, please contact us for a quote.

*Individual financial institutions have different thresholds before they require a Grant of Probate before releasing any funds.

Why you should choose SWW Trust Corporation:

  • We offer fixed transparent fees
  • You will be allocated an experienced personal estate manager who will handle the administration from start to finish and who will guide and support you throughout the probate process
  • You will be kept informed and updated every step of the way

With you every step of the way, SWW Trust Corporation provide a professional Probate service. All our estate managers are legally qualified professionals with years of experience in wills and estate administration. As specialists in estate administration, you can expect to receive the same level of expertise as you would from a solicitor at a competitive price.

How does it work?

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