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6th November 2018

Ministry of Justice intended structure for probate fees

Last May the Ministry of Justice proposed the introduction of increased probate fees on a tiered system based on the deceased’s assets. This tiered system confirmed that lower value estates, up to £50,000 would be exempt from probate fees whereas those with assets of more than £1m will have to pay probate fees of between […]

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17th September 2018

Reasons why your client may require a Trust

If you ask your client if they want to create a trust you will receive varied responses: for example, ‘It’s a good way to save tax’.  According to research the main reasons why people want to create a trust is to control the assets: for example, to prevent children from gaining access to money before […]

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11th September 2018

Gift of Property between Spouses

Gift of Property between Spouses We look at making a Gift of Property between Spouses in the case study below. Lifetime gifts can have complications. You need to understand the differences that occur when a mortgage is involved or no David and Sammy David and Sammy have been married for 5 years ago and have […]

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13th August 2018

How Stamp Duty Land Tax affects the purchase of residential property for trusts

How does Stamp Duty Land Tax affect the purchase of residential property for trusts? A common question which arises when considering the purchase of properties where trusts are involved relates to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), following the introduction in 2016 of the additional 3% SDLT charge above the standard rates for purchases of “additional […]

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