Trust Registration Service

Trustees can appoint us as an agent to register the trust for them

Appointing us as an agent to register a trust couldn't be easier

Whilst trust registration is nothing new, the Trust Registration Service (TRS) now provides a single online route to enable trustees to comply with these registration obligations for trusts and complex estates.

The legal responsibility for registering a trust and any further updates needed to the register lies with the trustees. All non-exempt trusts currently in existence must be registered through the TRS by the 1st of September 2022. For all new trusts created, there is a 90-day registration deadline by which the trust must registered by the trustees, or face a penalty.

If you need help with the registration of your trust, the trustees can instead appoint SWW Trust Corporation to act as their agent to complete the registration and maintain the trust register for them. The trustees will still be responsible for all other aspects of the trust, such as making any distribution decisions, all the while remaining safe in the knowledge that the requirements of the TRS are being managed for them.

Please email us at for more information, or to request this service, and include ‘TRS’ in the subject line.