We act as professional Executors, whether appointed in the Will or by the family.

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We act as professional Trustees in a variety of circumstances, ranging from lifetime settlements to Will Trusts.

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We can draft a wide range of bespoke legal documents to help you achieve your estate planning goals.

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We act as professional attorneys to help you manage your property and financial affairs.

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Keeping it simple

Choosing a close friend or family member as an Executor or Trustee may seem the obvious choice, however this can lead to conflicts of interest and personal bias. By appointing an impartial body like the SWW Trust Corporation you can avoid these potential issues and rest assured knowing that your wishes will be adhered to.


Specialists in what we do

Because our business is built exclusively on providing Executor, Trustee and Attorneyship services, you’ll receive the very best assistance and advice available. We are specialists, not generalists. Because this is all we do you can be assured that you are receiving the highest level of service available.


We're here for you

Executorship in particular can involve a great deal of time, stress, and financial costs. All of which can be overwhelming for any individual. You can place your trust and confidence in the SWW Trust Corporation.

Personal Service

Tailored to you

From the very beginning our specially trained team are here to be professional and empathetic with your circumstances. You will be allocated a personal estate manager who will guide you through the process and who will be there to help answer any queries and alleviate any concerns.

Peace of Mind

When you need it most

At SWW Trust Corporation, we will always be here to offer our services as a professional Executor, Trustee or Attorney. We’re here to lift the burden of legal processes and give you peace of mind that everything is being dealt with according to your loved one’s wishes.