We act as professional executors, whether appointed under a Will or by the family of the deceased. We ensure the person’s final wishes are carried out with integrity and confidentiality.

SWW Trust Corporation can handle all of the responsibilities associated with probate and can support you throughout the process, whether or not we are named in the will as an executor and even where there is no will.

As part of our Probate service, we will:

  • Take on all the responsibilities of the executors
  • Assume all the potential liabilities from the executors
  • Value and collect in all the assets
  • Apply to the Court for Probate
  • Handle the sale of any properties
  • Distribute all the assets
  • Pay the Income & Inheritance Tax
  • Produce Estate Accounts

You will be allocated an Estate Manager who will see the process through from start to finish, whether dealing with probate in its entirety or being on hand to help you deal with the estate.