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2nd August 2023

Probate Registry Update

*Update July ’24

Unfortunately, there are still national delays in issuing Grants of Probate/Letters of Administration.

Whilst the Registry is still working towards the 16-week turnaround after acknowledging receipt of an application, they are still often exceeding this timescale.

We have not experienced any increased turnaround time based on the method used to apply for the Grant/Letters. We have tried both online and postal methods, and there has been no superior method.

We shall keep you updated with any further updates.

Original Article

It is well documented that the Probate Registry is currently taking an exceedingly long time to issue Grants of Probate. Often many applications are reaching the six-month mark and still, no grant has been issued, with some even passing the year mark.

The Probate Registry state that they aim to issue Grants of Probate/Letters of Administration within sixteen weeks of submitting the application. However, from our experience, this time frame does not start until the Probate Registry issues you with their acknowledgement and reference numbers, this alone is currently taking approximately two months.

The primary reason a Grant of Probate is required is to sell a deceased’s property and whilst we know clients are keen to begin the marketing of a property, they are unable to complete on a sale until the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration arrive. The Probate Registry will expedite an application, but only should a sale have been agreed upon before the sad passing of someone, and a memorandum of sale will be required to be submitted with the application.

Nothing can be done to chase the Probate Registry until this sixteen-week mark has passed. Any requests for updates are declined citing the timescales and once this has elapsed, applications are being “escalated” to a priority pile in which they are then to be issued within four weeks, however, still this is often not the case.

We hope the above is of help when managing client expectations when a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration is required.

For any other questions please get in touch with your case manager or contact the office.