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20th June 2022

Working with SWW Trust Corporation

At SWW Trust Corporation we offer a range of services including professional estate administration, trusteeship and attorneyship, as well as other legal services such as bespoke drafting and conveyancing. We assign a dedicated case manager to each appointment and instruction, each backed by a highly-skilled pool of drafters and advisers, ensuring you and your clients benefit from impeccable levels of service delivered in a timely manner. In this brief overview of working with us, we’ll take a look at some of the services we offer, as well as the benefits and how to get started.

Professional Executorship

Appointing SWW Trust Corporation as professional executors not only takes the burden of executorship away from your client’s family and friends, but our affordable services keep costs on the estate down to a minimum too. Our introducer pack includes a full breakdown of our fees for both our full estate administration and grant assist services, along with the correct wording to use when drafting your clients’ Wills. We pay favourable commissions to introducers in exchange for an appointment or at-need referral, and as an added bonus we’ll even cover the cost of storing your Wills with The National Will Archive if we’re appointed at 1st level.

Professional Attorneyship and Trusteeship

As professionals, you understand the need for LPAs and trusts and the benefits they provide to your clients and their beneficiaries, and there are many benefits to be had in appointing professional attorneys and trustees under them too, particularly where there may be no other option for your client. Having a professional attorney for your client would be better than no LPA at all and could save a deputyship application being made if they lose capacity without one. Similarly, a professional trustee can be better placed to manage funds more objectively and is often the best choice in cases where beneficiaries are unable to effectively manage their finances themselves.

Please note that SWWTC only acts as professional attorneys under Property and Financial Affairs LPAs where a Health and Welfare LPA is already in place. For acting as trustees, we assess applications on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we only act where it is in the client’s best interest. 

Specialist Legal Services

Our Specialist Legal Services department can assist with the drafting of lifetime and probate trusts, conveyancing services, as well as trustee admin support and searches. 

For the drafting of lifetime trusts, we’ll provide the fact finds for you to complete with your client, allowing you to easily gather all the necessary information for our team to get to work. Simply send these fact finds to our SLS department and once they’ve checked everything, conducted any necessary anti-money laundering searches and raised your invoice, they’ll get to work.

Getting Started

Becoming an introducer to SWW Trust Corporation is perfectly straightforward, with no joining fees, no minimum referral expectations or exclusivity requirements. Once you’re on board we’ll provide you with everything you need to get started. Our introducer pack includes all the necessary fact finds, training and marketing literature, as well as a handy price guide and more.

Our team are here to help whenever you and your clients need us.

To get started, and for more information including a full list of services and charges, please do not hesitate to contact us, or get in touch with Jordan Cooling: 01522 581 570 /