10th July 2017

Pet Lovers and Probate

For those of us with furry friends, we do sometimes wonder what life will be like for them should we pass away. We want to ensure they are protected and loved once we are no longer there to look after them. It is possible to leave your animals in your Will to friends or family […]

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26th June 2017

Collecting estate assets and paying estates liabilities and expenses

Collecting estate assets When you have received the Grant of Probate this will need to be taken (or posted) to the bank, investment company etc. along with the completed withdrawal form (if required). It generally takes 2-3 weeks for the funds to be received into the executors account (or receipt of a cheque if requested). […]

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13th February 2017

Can I put my mortgaged property into trust?

Can I put my mortgaged property into trust? If you own a mortgaged property and wish to place this into trust during your lifetime, we may be able to assist. Ordinarily, property trusts must have the legal title in the name of the trustees. This means that, for the trust to be registered correctly, the […]

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