8th August 2023

Family Trust over Property – Mortgaged – Releasing Equity  

In this new series of articles we’ll explore different case studies and applicable scenarios to answer your burning questions.

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8th June 2022

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

When sending in instructions for trust drafting, SWW Trust Corporation must carry out Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks on each settlor and trustee. These checks are important to both us, and you the introducer, as a safeguarding measure to prevent us from becoming directly or indirectly involved in any criminal activity. SWWTC charges a flat fee […]

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17th September 2018

Reasons why your client may require a Trust

If you ask your client if they want to create a trust you will receive varied responses: for example, ‘It’s a good way to save tax’.  According to research the main reasons why people want to create a trust is to control the assets: for example, to prevent children from gaining access to money before […]

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13th August 2018

Lifetime Gifts

Lifetime Gifts Many people want to know whether they can give away assets in there lifetime. It is possible, however you can fall foul to inheritance tax rules which can leave complications for Executors. If done correctly, with understanding of the relevant rules and with plenty of forward thinking and planning, lifetime gifts can be […]

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