4th August 2018

Basic requirements for making a Will

To write a Will there are 5 basic requirements that must be met when writing a legally binding Will. If any of these are not correct then it means the document could fail. In the United Kingdom all of the below points need to in order for the document to be valid. Noncompliance can lead […]

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3rd July 2017

Further Gifts of Residue – The importance of making further provision in your Will

When drafting your Will inevitably the most important decision is who will benefit from your assets. Most people will have a clear idea on the beneficiary of their estate at the point of drafting a Will. But many fail to consider what may happen should their desired beneficiary die before them. On the death of […]

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20th March 2017

Signing your Will – It’s pretty important

When you make a Will, it is obviously important that it is signed and attested correctly, to ensure that it becomes legally valid document. But what steps should be taken where a Testator cannot physically sign their Will, or where the Testator is blind or illiterate? Generally, any mark made by the Testator and intended […]

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6th March 2017

Failed Will Trusts: A Mistake Even Experts Make

A lot of Will trusts over houses ensure that an occupant (be it spouse, partner or another relative) can live in the deceased’s property for life, while protecting the underlying equity for the benefit of children. This is very useful, for example, where a testator wants their new spouse to remain in the property after […]

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