Funeral Planning

6th August 2018

Preservation of Assets

When someone passes away, it is important to make sure that the relevant people, companies and organisations are informed. You will also need to ensure that any assets of the deceased are preserved until such time when they can be collected, sold or distributed. Informing the appropriate companies and organisations about the death of a […]

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25th May 2018

Arranging a Funeral

Arranging your loved ones funeral A funeral may only take place after the death has been registered. There are countless decisions that have to be made by the organiser during one of the most upsetting times of their lives. Often people describe organising a funeral as baffling, terrifying, weird, overwhelming and devastating but many of […]

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3rd July 2017

Ten Celebrities & their peculiar wills and bequests.

Janis Joplin Recording artist and songwriter Janis Joplin, famous for her work in the 1960s and 70s, met a tragic death in 1970. Perhaps as a means of wanting to leave a positive memory for her family and friends, Joplin’s will set aside $2,500 for a wake party in the event she passed away. Mark […]

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