2nd August 2023

Probate Registry Update

It is well documented that the Probate Registry is currently taking an exceedingly large amount of time to issue Grants of Probate.

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6th September 2022

What does being an executor involve?

If you are asking questions along the lines of “what do I need to do when someone dies?”, you’ll benefit from reading this article.

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26th November 2019

What is a Grant of Representation?

Many people are familiar with the idea of the administration or probate process; however, most do not actually know what a Grant of Representation is, or that there are different types. Ultimately, the Grant of Representation is a document sealed and issued by the Court, which provides the Executors or Administrators of an estate with […]

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5th July 2018

Remember to Sever the Tenancy

Property Trusts and more specifically Life Interest Trusts are one of the more common type of trust put into a modern day Will. There is really no doubt that having a property trust in your Will is an extremely useful provision. Whilst the Trust ensures that your spouse can remain living in your home and […]

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