27th February 2017

Who are your beneficiaries?

It is extremely important that any named beneficiaries in a Will can be easily identified. An Executor must be able to say with certainty that an individual either is or is not a beneficiary under that Will. There are many things that you can do to assist your Executors and make your beneficiaries as identifiable […]

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20th February 2017

‘Changing’ a Will after death

Post Death Variations After death, the estate of the deceased devolves either according to the terms of their Will or by the Rules of Intestacy, where no Will exists. In certain circumstances, the beneficiaries of the estate may wish to change the way the estate is distributed. This can be achieved by executing a ‘Deed […]

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23rd January 2017

Attesting the Execution of a Will

Having your Will witnessed correctly is especially important in making the document legally valid. Many people are not aware that you should be particularly careful in who attests the execution of your Will. Being a witness can also mean far more than simply providing your signature on a document, which people are unaware of when […]

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