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30th January 2017

Reasons why your client may require a trust

Reasons why your client may required a trust If you ask your client if they want to create a trust you will receive varied responses: for example, ‘It’s a good way to save tax’.  According to research the main reasons why people want to create a trust is to control the assets: for example, to […]

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23rd January 2017

Attesting the Execution of a Will

Having your Will witnessed correctly is especially important in making the document legally valid. Many people are not aware that you should be particularly careful in who attests the execution of your Will. Being a witness can also mean far more than simply providing your signature on a document, which people are unaware of when […]

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5th January 2017

Trusting Your Trustees: Removing Troublesome Trustees

The role of trustees is chiefly to manage the assets in their trust for the advantage of the beneficiaries: property trustees ensure that the house is protected, insured, secure and available for the life tenant; trustees of money must invest the fund wisely, seeking tax advice and making fair decisions as to how money is […]

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